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July 22nd, 2011, 9:20 pm

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H0lyhandgrenade, July 22nd, 2011, 9:37 pm

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OMG The Pirate Balthasar!!! Can't believe how happy I am to see that there. Well, I know which romance I'm voting for :D

Yay, Balthasar <3 . And that's a panel from one of my fav scenes as well 8D. Wooohooo ^.^

....D: It's too hard! I read all of those and love them all :(

Pirate Balthasar! <3


Balthasar!! <3

uhhh like no shit the pirate balthasar of course i mean thats a no brainer

I am here too, the pirate way!

Great^^ I love "The Pirate Balthasar"

Pirate Balthasar for ever! ^_^

Definitely a tough choice here. :)

No worries over what I'm voting for - Pirate Balthasar rules!!! :D

Kyaaaaa I know who MY WINNER IS
Kane, Castalia, Kes and Wes, Foxy and Lio Callista and Cat, Pea and Martin, and YES even Quoque and Pifo!

Let's go Pirate Balthasaaar!

Sorry Guys ... there is no competition!! Pirates Balthasar is the coolest.

SO torn! I love THe Pirate Balthasar and On the Bright Side so much... AAAAAGH, I CANNOT PICK!

@Blue: Vote for one on a computer and vote for the other on a different computer.

Club Love and Paradox are two of my favs! Hmmm...decisions decisions...

The Pivate Balthafar now featuvef beef!

Oh dear, I three of those comics and they're all lovely.... Think I'll go with Beyond Temptation :D

BALTHASAR HANDS DOWN!!! i just love clogs:)

fine drawing
My sincere compliments for Miss Deborah Daniele who show an artistic autentic talent with interessant story of a rich fantasy.My best wish, Luigi Muccitelli from Fondi Italy

warmest congratulations to Miss Deborha that with his lively imagination brings to life in the modern history of the past


ottimo lavoro
Sempre piĆ¹'brava!!B

I tried reading balthasar just now and nearly puked. Paradox is way better.

What about WHITE HEART or THE DRAGON AND THE LEMUR?? those are both also AMAZING!

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