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August 18th, 2011, 12:44 pm

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i more hoped for mega :c

... I... What.

...rigged? I bet half of the spriting community here on SJ hasnt heard of this comic.

But what about The After Subtract and Mega!? How on earth did this win!?

I'm sorry, What is this comic, and why did it win?

Remember, the majority of the people who voted in the Smackies are not part of the spriting community. People's voting criteria vary quite a bit depending on their usual preferences.
We were very surprised too!

forget the spriting community

Remember, the majority of the people who voted in the Smackies are not part of the spriting community. People have different criteria. Some people didn't even read the comics they voted for.
We were very surprised too!

You forgot that part in your fixed post Eishiya. Got your back.

Read the comic, hated it.


Ahh, I love waking up to the stench of irony in the morning.

NOT!!! Now I wish that I had made up my mind and actually voted for something.


The results dont lie- you should have got more people to vote! You know the competition is based on votes so you can't complain about who ends up winning. I'm surprised with a few categories as well but thats the fun of these awards- you dont know whos gonna win sometimes :)

better luck next year

Are you kidding? Even Mega had a better appeal than this disappointment. Why can't people learn to read a comic before they vote on it? This is a disgrace!

I hadn't even heard of this comic until it showed up on the nominees list.

What is this? I dont even...

In all seriousness though, are you guys sure there wasnt a glitch or someone that rigged it? Just look at the comments before and after the vote, almost no-one wants this conclusion.

Wow. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, your behaviour is atrocious.

Congratulations to Poring Quest! I hope you take away from this that a lot of people like your comic and found it worthy of acknowledgement, and pay no attention to these sore losers.

Way to go Ven!

Guys, the comic you wanted didn't win, get over it.

Ven enjoys doing his Poring Quest strip and is very communicative with his fans and friends on the site.

You deserve the win Ven, I'm cheering for ya!

Congrats, Ven!

I was surprised, I'll admit, but only because of the lack of comments, which means nothing, now that I think of it.

All this means is you have many fans that aren't necessarily around Smackjeeves, which is, quite frankly, MORE impressive. You must be popular to have a reach that far.

Nice work.

To be honest,I'm surprised.But sometimes,life and reality happens,and the comic that seems like the underdog wins in the end.
Nice job dude.

how the fuck?! congrats poring quest.

... Well, alright.
I guess because it was cute LOL

Actually, I read it, it's because the author makes and attempt to my ake the sprites look less blocky, but to plp like me who don't, instead depend almost solely on our ability to create plots, emotions, and effects (and for others custom) but yeah, I can see why it would win

@ClareSilver47: Actually, the author just used existing sprites of an online game without changing them. ;)

Here's a large collection of those sprites (spread out over several pages):

It is a bit less blocky due to it being saved jpg though.

Huge fan of Poring Quest. Never knew the sprite characters at first but now I understand them, great comic and absolute joy to read.

The people slagging it off should be ashamed, it is not about how good it looks or the fans. It's about what the people vote for and Poring won.

I think it was the most unexpected win, ever. Still I'm a big fan of all the comics but I voted for Poring Quest cause I thought it didn't have a chance, guess I thought wrong.

Congrats Ven! Keep up the good work!

Now, I won't say that the votes, were rigged. Or that it was a glitch. I'm ok with Poring Quest. It's...just right. Not too bad, not too good just right. I'm just surprised it won. Well, congrats Ven!

My computer is broken, I didn't even realise till a couple days ago that Poring Quest won. I guess I am surprised as anyone really. I have a lot of fans outwith the SJ site and a very dedicated little following I guess. Anyway, thanks a lot you guys! As much as this win caused a lot of drama, I'm thankfully to those who defended my ability to win something regardless of the odds. row row fight da powa.
So between winning an award and having trolled the entire spriting community, I will be getting on with more comics, once my computer is fixed. I guess I'll see you around ;3

NOOOOO!!!!!! D:>


so... this is a joke, right?

What is this? I don't even

I just love how people are pissed at this result.

Gotta remember, people, if you didn't want this to win, you should have voted. And as Ven said, he's got followers OUTSIDE the SJ community. I personally voted for this because, well, I like this comic.

...Survivor Fan Characters was robbed.

it's funny when you see a chain of comments that say this comic sucks, then later someone defends it and it becomes cool to defend it.

I don't like this comic but you voted for it so i don't know .HOnestly there are many more webcomics out there that trump this list .They're just not in smackjeeves.

I may be 4 years late, but didn't Mega get the most votes?

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