Best Fan Comic Winner!


August 18th, 2011, 12:49 pm

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Zash, we all know you're rigged.....well at least strange. This comic is awesome and deserved all of its awards.

I'm surprised this beat Final Fantasy 7.0.

This is one of the comics who definitely deserved to win and did not just win because they had allot of readers. This comic was front paged on deviantart- that means allot for all of smackjeeves! I dont think a SJ comic has ever been a DD on deviantart until this one! Revolutionary I love it. I was so honored just to be nominated in such a huge category- and harrah for a pokemon comic winning 2 years in a row :D

Rare Candy Treatment is easily one of the best strips on SJ right now.

The author is clever, he takes a unique look at the pokemon world, and his art is quite good.

This comic deserves every award it won, congrats man!

Sat down and read this comic since it was nominated in all those categories. It is seriously awesome and deserves all these awards :D


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